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Fork lift into truck

M & D Transport

With our trucks we need to purchase forklifts to help with the loading of freight. With the balloon payment we can reduce our monthly repayments on our equipment loan.


Lock Change Locksmiths

I needed an equipment loan to purchase the state of the art Ninja Key Cutting Machine. It helps me cut all sorts of keys perfectly every time.

Solar Street Lights Australia

Solar Street Lights Australia

I got an equipment finance loan to to upgrade the crane on one of my trucks. I save money now by not hiring big crane trucks for my jobs.


Yes. You can claim a lot on your equipment providing you use the equipment more for business than personal use.

Balloon is a lump sum payment you make the end of your loan term.

It is usually 30% but it can be less.

Reduced monthly repayments because it is a smaller equipment loan.

Yes. You can also trade the equipment in and upgrade to a newer model

Yes. Some financiers will charge a small exit fee but this is not a significant amount.

5 years. 7-year terms are available if you have a good risk profile

The Borrower agrees to borrow money from the Lender to buy goods from the Lender.

If the Borrower defaults on the loan, the Lender has the right to the goods.

  • The Borrower agrees to pay money to the Lender.
  • The Borrower hires the goods for a specified period of time.
  • The Borrower has an option to buy the goods at the end of the hire period.

A finance lease is like a long-term rental.

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