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Brown Rice Thai Restaurant

With a business line of credit, we have the funds available to buy the best and freshest ingredients. Our customers keep returning because they eat the tastiest meals.

laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

I can pay all our bills on time thanks to this facility. Time to time I use the cash part when cashflow is low. I wish I had this facility earlier.

Dairy 2

Dairy Park

Thanks to Coles and Woolworths the margins in milk are very small. Every cent counts. I get to save a few cents by paying my suppliers early. Without a business line of credit this would not be possible.


The main difference from an Unsecured Business Loan is that it is a revolving facility  to pay invoices.

For Example:

You have a line of credit up to $100k, you receive a bill or invoice, we pay it on your behalf which is deducted from your facility limit, once paid back the facility limit goes back up.

Why this is a benefit? It gives you the option to pay your supplier early (which most suppliers will give you a discount for)

You have up to 180 days to pay it back, thus this does not squeeze your cash flow

Yes, it has the same criteria as an unsecured business loan but you cannot have any defaults.

If you have paid one of your suppliers through the facility and decide pay the debt back earlier than 6 months, you can without penalties. This will save you interest charges.

E.G. You paid your supplier invoices of $10,000. This debt would be split into 6 equal payments + interest.

If you decide you would like to pay back the $10,000 within 2 months instead, you absolutely can. You will only be charged interest for the 2 months, not the full 6 months.

Interest is calculated daily.

No, not necessarily, however if you are the right client we can go higher than $100k

No, it is normally 2% interest a month on the invoice amount, (with a maximum of 6 months to pay it back).

You can pay it back in full after a week, and you will be charged interest for that week only.

Who is the most common customer that would ask for this?

All businesses who need to pay a business related invoices.

This could range from

  • Material / stock
  • Services
  • Tax debt,
  • Contractors
  • Utility bills.

Every business has some sort of overhead to pay. This is why the facility is so popular with our clients. You could use it to pay almost any business related invoice.

The most common customer that we see applying are

  • Tradies
  • Hospitality (mainly restaurants/takeaway/cafes).
  • Laser hair clinics
  • Manufacturers
  • Car washes
  • A variety of other businesses.

What information do I need to apply for a line of credit?

  • An active ABN registered for GST  – Minimum 6 months
  • Pass a credit check (No financial defaults, from financial institutions)
  • 100 points of ID (CC, Medicare, Driver Licence)

Are there any application fees?

Yes, normally 2% of the facility amount

Are there any drawdown fees?

Yes, 2.75% + monthly interest (2%).

For example, if you were to borrow $1,000 for 1 month it would cost you $27.50 drawdown fee + $20 interest, the total cost $47.50

Are there any ongoing fees?

No monthly fee to keep the facility in the background (even if you don’t use it)  – this is a big selling point as other financiers charge a fee.

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