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Wine Group

We offer unique Australian wines with imported super premium French bottles from Saverglass. To speed up our bottling we import in advance. Trade finace allows us to pay our supplier so we can offer something unique in this competitive wine market.


Golden Leaf Tea

We sell Pureh Chinese traditional tea. The best quality comes from the Yunnan Province in Southwest China. We use trade finance to pay our Chinese supplier upfront. We get AAA grade quality tea that sells out within a month.


Solar Powered Security Camera

We use trade finance to purchase our Dahua security cameras from our suppliers. Each camera costs hundreds of dollars. Without trade finance we would not have the financial capacity to be competitive.


Trade finance is a funding facility in which we pay your local or overseas supplier on your behalf.

This is normally made in increments of three payments as you have up to 90 days to pay it back. You will pay a percentage of the invoice on a monthly basis over a three month period.

E.G. We paid 100k to your suppliers in China. After the first 30 days, you will pay back 15% of the invoice amount followed by a payment of 45% at 60 days, then a final payment of 40% at 90 days which will cover the total debt.

Some lenders may structure payments differently and some will allow a 120 day term.

Any currency but the most commonly used currency is USD, GBP, EURO and AUD.

Normally 90 days, however some of our lenders now go up to 120 days from invoice date.

Yes. We can pay your local or international suppliers.

7-8% per annum on a contractual Trade Finance Facility.

There is other alternatives if you don’t want to be in a contract.

100% of the total invoice.

No property security is needed up to 200k. Some lenders may go higher.

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