Benefits of a Finance Broker

Believe it or not, using a Finance Broker SAVES you time and money!

Most of our clients have done their homework before reaching out to us, and have looked into applying for loans directly with banks, but had found that looking for the best deal, then negotiating with the bank for a competitive rate and terms was not worth their time.

Below are a number of benefits that you may not be aware of when utilising a broker:

Time-saving: Securing a loan by yourself can be quite a process, particularly if you’re seeking a good interest rate. A broker can take care of the heavy lifting of sourcing quotes from a variety of lenders on their panel.

Saves you money: Speaking of interest rate, this is one of the critical factors that will determine how big your total payable debt will be. With the help of a finance broker, you’ll be ensured of the best interest rate and loan terms.

Saves you missing finer details: There is more to a loan than interest rates and loan repayments. An experienced finance broker scrutinises the fine print for differences that can impact your bottom line. Some elements we look for are penalties, hidden fees, and the ability to make extra repayments.

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